01 About

Business Solutions
With Character

The James Group is a growing, dynamic company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. We have a staff of proven business leaders and senior technical professionals, who have decades of public and private sector experience. We provide integrated business and technology solutions to solve complex operational challenges which will improve your bottom line. Our methodology includes assessing, designing, developing, delivering and supporting business solutions… with character.

02 Our Mission

the problems

The James Group mission is to implement the right solutions to solve the problems and meet the requirements of our clients. Implementing the correct solution in a timely manner is our promise. The James Group professionals have the experience and expertise to implement the solutions correctly, the first time, without exception.

Beginning the process with the correct implementation of the solution saves our clients money and time in the long term. We enjoy seeing our clients successfully meet their goals, much sooner than expected.

03 We love our jobs

Our Values

We are honest, diligent and reliable in all of our undertakings.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
We deliver customer-focused business solutions and exceptional value to our clients.
We hire highly talented, experienced, and skilled individuals who possess professional integrity.
We support the continual professional development and career fulfillment of our professionals.
We assess and select our certified technology partners with great attention and care.
We are committed to “giving back” to the community and are very active in hilanthropic activities.

04 Our Team

Our reputation is the foundation
of our character

The professionals at The James Group have earned a reputation for successfully delivering client focused solutions within the deadlines and budgets specified by our clients. Our reputation is the foundation of our character. We work hard to exceed the highest expectations of our clients.

Our professional consultants and technicians have comprehensive experience in business and technology. We are uniquely poised to solve your greatest business challenges. We have the experience to assist you with big picture strategies, as well as provide the hands-on implementation to make these strategies effective. We analyze issues, research options, recommend strategic direction, design solutions and implement improvements that positively impact your bottom line.

The James Group employs experienced business analysts, certified technical professionals and project managers. Our technical skills align with leading software and hardware products and platforms. We know how to apply the correct resources to the tasks we undertake. In addition, we have a proven staff sourcing, recruiting, and qualifying methodology to quickly acquire additional talent while adhering to our stringent hiring practices.