The James Group utilizes a multifaceted approach to project management that works in conjunction with the objectives of the project. We believe that communication is integral to project success. Our project management processes provide a strong communication system throughout the life of the project.

We create a project plan with milestones and tasks that assist us in creating a schedule for all of the project team members to follow and report status. We estimate the effort and duration for each task and report our time against these. Via weekly status reports and meetings, we detail overall project percentage complete.

Critical Success Factors are identified from the project objectives and requirements. During the lifecycle of the project, we manage customer expectations by continually tracking and reporting on issues and any project variances. This process is done with high interface with the client.

We bring the following project management tools to bear on your project:

Project Plan (tasks, milestones, resources, effort, duration)

Critical Success Factors

Issue Tracking (prioritized High, Medium,& Low)

Status Reports (Weekly with key personnel)

Change Management (implemented after variance is identified)

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